CyberSoc CTF — Life Online — OSINT — suntan

Kamran Saifullah
2 min readAug 7, 2022

Cyber Detective CTF is an OSINT-focussed CTF created by the Cyber Society at Cardiff University.

In this article we are going to quickly solve the CyberSoc CTF — OSINT Challenges

This time we need to find information related to Sarah i.e. to which city is she going. The thing to note here is so far we haven’t come across her name. As James has not mentioned her name in the tweets, there is a possibility that either James will be following her on twitter or Sarah will be following him.

So, on taking a closer look into the Following and Followers we can see that indeed an account named Sarah follows James.

On taking a closer look onto the tweets made by Sarah, we can find out that she is planning to go to the following place in next 2 weeks.

We can perform a quick reverse image search on the same to find out more information regarding the location.

We can find out that she is planning to go to Elizabeth Quay which is located in Perth. Thus, she is planning for PERTH.



Kamran Saifullah

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