CyberSoc CTF — Life Online — OSINT — wagthetail


Cyber Detective CTF is an OSINT-focussed CTF created by the Cyber Society at Cardiff University.

In this article we are going to quickly solve the CyberSoc CTF — OSINT Challenges

In this challenge we are required to find out the information related to Sarah’s dog where she loved to take it out. On looking onto the Twitter Bio of Sarah, we can find out that she mentioned a name Buster’s and next to seems like some kind of geo-location co-ordinates.

On checking these coordinates on google maps, we can find the answer i.e. Brecon

So, we have our Mind-Map updated till the latest information we have gathered.



Kamran Saifullah

Malware/RE/Firmware Analysis, App Sec/Off Sec, VAPT, Phishing Simulations/SE | Risk Management, IS Governance, Audits, ISO 27001 LI