Practical Malware Analysis — Chapter 3— Basic Dynamic Analysis

Sandboxes: The Quick & Dirty Approach

Running Malware

Monitoring with Process Monitor

Monitoring with Process Explorer

Using Dependency Walker

Comparing Registry Snapshots with Regshot

Faking a Network

  1. ApateDNS →
  2. InetSIM →

Basic Dynamic Tools in Practice

  1. Running procmon and setting a filter on the malware executable name
    and clearing out all events just before running.
  2. Starting Process Explorer.
  3. Gathering a first snapshot of the registry using Regshot.
  4. Setting up your virtual network to your liking using INetSim and
  5. Setting up network traffic logging using Wireshark.





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Kamran Saifullah

Kamran Saifullah

Malware/RE/Firmware Analysis, App Sec/Off Sec, VAPT, Phishing Simulations/SE | Risk Management, IS Governance, Audits, ISO 27001 LI